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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

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Appalachian Ohio Intergroup Office 42 East Water Street, Chillicothe, OH, United States
Office 740-774-2646 /

42 East Water Street, Chillicothe, OH, United States

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a long-standing self-help organization for people who want to stop drinking or using other drugs. AA uses a 12-step program based on a spiritual connection to a higher power (such as God) to help people overcome their addictions. Although the program’s success has not been validated by scientific study, it has helped many people.

Meetings are available in most communities at various times. Meetings can be “open” (for the person and his or her family) or “closed” (for the person only). Special groups for women, teens, and gay people are available in some areas. Phone numbers for local offices are listed in local area phone books, and information can also be found online at

Appalacian Ohio Intergroup Office is the Southern-Ohio sub-group.

Toll-free: 1-855-880-8522

AOIO Mission Statement

AOIO’s primary purpose is to maintain a partnership with the groups in our community of South-Central and Southeastern Ohio, aiding those groups with carrying the Alcoholics Anonymous message to those who still suffer from alcoholism.  AOIO shall be maintained, supervised and supported by those groups.  AOIO will be responsible to the member groups that it serves and will adhere to the principles and spirit of AA’s Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of World Services and the Three Legacies of  Unity, Recovery and Service.

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