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Save Medicaid, Save Lives! Rally

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Save Medicaid, Save Lives! Rally

Medicaid Rally at the Statehouse – Wednesday 7/5 – 12:00-1:00 PM – ADVOCAtes NEEDED!

Governor Kasich is expected to sign the budget Friday June 30th, and we’re optimistic that he will veto the Medicaid expansion freeze. There are already rumblings from the House and Senate that they are seriously considering a veto-override on the expansion freeze. The Medicaid Coalition has agreed, we must respond in a serious and large way. The House has scheduled session for Thursday morning at 9am.  In order to show strength, the statewide Medicaid Coalition is  going to hold a rally at the Statehouse on Wednesday, July 5th from noon to 1:00 on the west lawn of the Statehouse. Yes, that is less than a week from now. And yes, it will be difficult. But we believe this is a critical decision and we must show our support for the veto. We need big numbers for this event. Please plan to come to Columbus to attend the rally and bring as many people with you as you can.  We need to make this big and loud so legislators understand the pushback they will face if they vote to override the veto. I know many of you have been calling legislators and the Governor’s office and doing and great job on grassroots advocacy. The grassroots is a wave of noise that needs to build until the rally next week. Please continue the message that Medicaid expansion is critical for your community.

Save Mediciad, Save Lives! Rally Flyer

Melinda Sheets

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